Saturday, December 4, 2010


I finally saw Tangled! I had been wanting to see this movie forever! Well, at least since I knew they were making it. My sister Hayden has done a good review at:  I suggest for everyone to go see it because it is my new favorite Disney fairy tale. :) Not to mention it's the BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

An Easy Way To Make Cheese

My G.G. (great grandmother) told my mom and I how to make this really simple cheese she used to make when she was a kid. (Make sure you wash your hands!)

All you need is: Cheese cloth, cottage cheese, some type of flavoring (I used green onion and garlic), and a bit of patience.

Use a spoon to scoop some cottage cheese into a bowl. Because you're going to be draining out a lot of the liquid use 2-3 times as much cottage cheese as you want cheese. Add whatever flavoring you want and stir it up, but a bit of warning: if you use garlic, use very little because your cheese is going to be sitting awhile and the garlic will get very strong. Lay the cheese cloth over a bowl and pour the cottage cheese over it. Lift up the ends of the cheese cloth and squeeze as much liquid out as you can. Tie the ends together tightly and let sit out for 3-5 hours.

After 3-5 hours unwrap it from the cheese cloth, wrap in plastic wrap, and place it in in the fridge. Leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours so it can get cool. then unwrap it and eat!

The texture is very similar to feta cheese; and I think it's really good on potato chips.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Prince Edward The Rooster

Edward is a great rooster.

     Roosters crow... a lot. They crow when the sun goes up, they crow when it's time to eat, they crow to mark their territory, they crow when the hens bicker, they crow to gather the hens around them, they crow when the sun goes down, and they even crow if you stare at them. One thing that I did not know is that they will crow when a hen gets lost. One day after I fed the chickens, I forgot to lock the gate.  One of the hens pushed it open and got out. It wandered into the woods and became lost.
     Later that day, the rooster seemed to be crowing a lot, like... every five seconds. I noticed the gate was open, so I went outside to count the chickens and discovered that one was missing.  I stood out there a few minutes until I barely heard a chicken squawk in the distance.  I thought, "How did it get all the way back there and how is it going to get back?" The rooster crowed behind me. Then the hen squawked. Then the rooster. Then the hen. Until they had a nice game of Marco Polo goin' on. It was pretty cool. The hen's squawks kept getting closer and closer until it flew out of the woods. I opened the gate and it ran right in. Edward noticed a hen was missing, called out for her, and directed her home.

     A few days ago, while I was feeding the chickens, one of the bigger hens ran at one of the smaller ones to get it away from the food. It was muddy and the chicken (the small one) slipped and flipped over. The pitiful chicken looked like a flipped-over bug with its feet running in the air. I was going to go flip it over, but the rooster ran over to it and did it for me. It was the sweetest thing. That rooster not only does all this, but he also eats last to make sure the others get enough to eat too. So I'm tellin' you, that rooster is a prince!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My First Little Loofah

                                                                                    Yeah! My first loofah! I was beginning to think all I'd ever have was flowers. I know it doesn't look like the kind of loofah you'd buy in a store and that it looks like a cucumber right now; but once it gets older it'll turn brown and become very light. After you peel off the brown shell and shake out the seeds, it pretty much looks like the one at the store. Here's something about loofahs I bet you didn't know. Loofahs are in the squash family and believe it or not you can eat the loofahs when they're young. I'm not going to eat mine!
1. I would just prefer to have the loofah for skin care.
2. I've eaten enough squash this summer to last me a long time thanks to our family garden. This year we had quite the squash crop, and my mom made about every squash recipe thought up at least twice. I'm sick of squash!
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