Sunday, September 5, 2010

My First Little Loofah

                                                                                    Yeah! My first loofah! I was beginning to think all I'd ever have was flowers. I know it doesn't look like the kind of loofah you'd buy in a store and that it looks like a cucumber right now; but once it gets older it'll turn brown and become very light. After you peel off the brown shell and shake out the seeds, it pretty much looks like the one at the store. Here's something about loofahs I bet you didn't know. Loofahs are in the squash family and believe it or not you can eat the loofahs when they're young. I'm not going to eat mine!
1. I would just prefer to have the loofah for skin care.
2. I've eaten enough squash this summer to last me a long time thanks to our family garden. This year we had quite the squash crop, and my mom made about every squash recipe thought up at least twice. I'm sick of squash!

1 comment:

Amy in SC said...

I love home-grown loofas!

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