Thursday, October 10, 2013

I Am The Doctor

Hi Everyone! My family and I have been watching a lot of Doctor Who on our Clearplay recently and I thought I'd post a video of a piano version of one of my favorite songs from there called "I Am The Doctor" (which I'm also currently trying to learn on the piano). Enjoy! :)

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Isabella said...

LOVE IT!!! We are on the third episode of the 11th Doctor, I am a HUGE fan of 10, but now that we are done, we decided to (try) the next Doctor. I thought I would HATE him, but I am actually 'OK' with him as the Doctor, he's not 'my' Doctor and I think will never be :) But I still am OK with him and I was quite surprised at myself for being so! :) How many Doctor Who seasons have you watched?


Emily said...

We just finished the 4th season so we're about to watch the 11th Doctor too. My parents seem to be taking it the hardest that the Doctor's going to change, though. ;) (They didn't see the first season so it'll be the first time they see him regenerate) I've seen a few clips with the 11th Doctor and I like him, but it'll probably be awhile before I get used to him; I took me about two seasons to get over that the 9th Doctor was gone.

Isabella said...

I haven't seen the ninth Doctor, but I want t. We started with 10, because he is our favorite, don't get me started :P Yeah we decided since we are so connected with the 10th Doctor we aren't going to watched the regeneration, (too painful for us fan girls in the family :)) I know we are total wimps, but it is just too hard for us :) Since we did that, it feels like a different show with a different Doctor, so in my mind it still feels like David Tennant is still the Doctor, and Mat Smith is in another show as the Doctor, it works! :)


Ella said...

I found your blog through Evelyn's blog Into the western wild.
I am the Doctor is such a thrilling song. It is one of my favorite songs form the DW tv show

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