Friday, February 14, 2014

Party For One

Okay, I wanted to post something for Valentine's Day and my first thought was to post the "Paperman" short, but that's what my sister did. However, I just saw The Muppets (2012) this past week and I thought the "Me Party" song seemed a little relatable to me on Valentine's Day and just plain funny (and I was looking for any possible reason to post a muppet song ;). So here it is. :D
Happy Valentine's Day!


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Terrah Kriewaldt said...

Auston and I were joking about today being national single awareness day and I teased Auston saying "I didn't know I was single" bahahaha!

Kelsey Carnes said...

Hayden took the Paperman clip off her blog before I had a chance to watch it. :(

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