Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I've Been Reading

This week I've re-read some really great books.

I also went to the library to read some new ones.

I actually hadn't read Peter Pan before so I thought I should. I also wanted to read Robin Hood, but I couldn't find it at the library. :( I didn't get to stay at the library very long though, so I didn't find any other books besides Peter Pan. Hopefully I can go back to the library soon, but I'm thinkin' that it would be smart to make a list of books to get before I go so I spend less time looking and more time checking out so can get more books. :)


Anonymous said...

Hooray for reading!
And hooray for PETER PAN!
I think you'll find there is a lot more going on in the book than most people imagine. Barrie really has a knack for blending the dark and the whimsy. It has a bittersweetness and thick commentary on the foibles of kids and adults alike! :)

And if you need more Pan, there's a novel out based on Barrie's own notes for more: Click!

And then there's this cool 'What if?' adventure charting a new course for it all but it stays anchored in the core themes and mythos of Barrie. But be warned - it's not for kids! Click!

As for Robin Hood, there really isn't a "definitive work" on him. Most of what people know of Hood (Maid Marion, for example) came much later by re-tellings (as in she's not in the earlier works).

Happy reading.


Anna Olivia said...

Peter Pan is on my book list for sure. I've heard it's absolutely enchanting! Just the book for me. hehe!

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